Edmonton Creative Writing Collective
March 13, 2012

Meticulous Vandalism reviews Words with Friends 5

Words with Friends 5

Local blogger Premee (@premmeridian on Twitter) decided to check out Words with Friends 5 and review it for her blog, Meticulous Vandalism. While I quite wasn’t sure if this was a good review or not, it was an honest assessment from a subjective observer, and an undeniably entertaining read. We want to thank her for taking the time to check out our event and to write a little something about it as well.

Here are some highlights from her piece:

From talking to various humanoids on Twitter and at the venue, I gather this is an unsponsored grass-roots performance art thing. This is the fifth go-round and it has a distinct feel – egalitarian, unassuming, faintly self-conscious, very Edmontonian in its way. They want it to grow eventually, or at least to outgrow venues with a max capacity of 45 people, and that too is very Edmontonian: eager but ready to be embarrassed at its own success.


So yeah, verdict? I guess I’d go again. It’s free. And even though I disliked more than I liked, that’s a subjective taste thing, which cannot be helped because no one can predict what’s going to come up on a given Words With Friends night. You literally have no idea what people will do until they open their mouths. Which is kind of exciting, it’s like going into a random theatre at a movie place where they don’t put the titles up.