Edmonton Creative Writing Collective
February 15, 2012

WordPress with Friends

We have a new website now. Our website before was just a standard-template WordPress.com blog, and I knew that eventually, I could not let that stand. So I put together a pretty simple custom WordPress installation with an equally simple design theme.

I’ve also added some new content. We now have a running list of performers and links to their blogs and social media profiles, and we’ve also integrated our Twitter and Facebook profiles into the site.

I still see it as a work in progress, and will probably revisit the design again at some point in the not TOO distant future. I am quite set on working with a local artist/illustrator to create a totally unique and original concept, but I think both Jason and I have been struggling to come up with a clear direction or a well-articulated idea of exactly what kind of image should represent yegwords. I know that I personally have had a bit of difficulty “thinking outside the box” on this one.

To that end, I’m opening up the floor. If you feel like drawing or designing something to capture the spirit of Words with Friends, I want to see your ideas. E-mail me at kasia@codewordmediadesign.com!

See you next week!