Edmonton Creative Writing Collective
January 18, 2013

Words with Friends presents V-Day Teen Angst Night


Ever rhymed “life” with “strife” and “love” with “dove” in the same pathetic poem? We’ve all been there.

Last fall, Kasia got an e-mail from a friend and colleague who suggested that Edmonton might be ready for a Teen Angst Poetry Night, and that yegwords were just the people to organize it. We loved the idea, and what better time to celebrate the very best of our worst poetry, stories, journal entries and love songs than Valentine’s Day?

Teen Angst Poetry Night started more than 12 years ago, founded by Calgary poet Sara Bynoe. The idea began as a website but quickly grew into a live reading series featured in cities across Canada, the US and the UK. Sara also put together an anthology based on the teen angst concept which was released in 2005. You can read more about the history of Teen Angst Poetry Night and the book at teenangst.ca.

It is high time that E-Town’s writer types got in on this action, because we know we’ve all got some really cringe-worthy stuff squirreled away in the backs of our closets or the depths of our parents’ basements, and dusting the cobwebs off to perform it at yegwords is sure to bring the funny.

We would ask interested performers to bring at least two pieces: at least one that follows Sara’s original Teen Angst rules (listed below) and at least one more recent piece that is inspired in some way by your teen angst piece. This could be a reimagining of the teen angst piece, a response to your teen self, a sequel to it, whatever you want.

Sara’s Original Teen Angst Rules:

  • The work must be your own.
  • You must have written it between the ages of 10-19.
  • It’s best if the work is at least 4 years old.
  • If you cringe while reading it- it’s worth sharing! The more embarrassing the better!

Although we have not been sticklers in the past for writers who go off track from our suggested theme, this time around we definitely want to focus on the concept for the event, so bear that in mind when you sign up to perform.

As usual, if you would like to perform, please e-mail in advance to yegwords@gmail.com with a little bit about what you plan to do.

Where: Brittany’s Lounge (10225 97 Street)
When: Wednesday, February 13 @ 7:30PM

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We will also mention that local music legend Bill Bourne will be performing at Brittany’s Lounge between 4 and 7 PM on the same day, right before we get started, so if you feel like checking out some tunes before getting your angst on, it is sure to be a great set. Brittany will also be creating some original signature cocktails on the theme of angst and heartbreak for us to enjoy!